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Welcome to HydroDynamicsHHO & the NEW Hydro Dynamo

Interested in Increasing your MPG +/- 50%?               Want to Help Reduce Carbon Pollution +/- 85%?

Hydrogen Reactor - Hydrogen Without Limits!          New Releases       

Make your Engine a Hybrid - Go GREEN Burn Clean!

Welcome to the NEW world of Hydrogen Gas production. You can create Hydrogen-On-Demand a clean & safe fuel for practically FREE. Our greatest achievement, the Hydro Dynamounit is unlike other Hydrogen Generators. For over 15 years we have been dedicated to creating a Clean, Concentrated more efficient Hydrogen "Booster" gas system that is safe and reliable. We Guarantee that it will work for you or you can return it for a refund. If you do not have Certification you cannot be registered as a HYBRID. Our Boosters are Certified.

Our New Hydro Dynamo™ "Booster" units work seamlessly on Diesel and Gasoline engines. It can increase your MPG 20% to 50% and reduce an engine's Carbon Pollution +/- 95% (read more). Our New Hydro Dynamo line of products are the most efficient and cost effective way to help increase your engines fuel economy while helping your engine run smoother, cleaner, cooler with more power. Do you want your engine to last longer with less maintenance?

For years, HHO systems have focused on gasoline engines. The bad ones didn't work and could harm your engine. We are proud to offer the best and latest achievements in our Update-New Information page.

Today, many Internet sites sell kits and promises; unless you are knowledgeable, a mechanic or engineer, the unit you put together may not work as promised. We do not sell untested kits, all Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc. products have a Warranty.   (read more)

Our latest endorsement; the ECO Fuel Maximizer. It has been tested and can be installed together with the Hydro Dynamo Booster product line. The Fuel Enhancer is a fuel vaporizer that reorganizes fuel molecules in Gas and Diesel for a more efficient burn. 

We are currently involved in developing an unlimited supply/source of Hydrogen using a chemical reaction (read more) for large Diesel generators, Cargo Ships and more. Hydrogen on Demand is the fuel of the future.


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As an example; a Diesel truck that uses 500 gallons of fuel (+/- $5.00 per gallon) per trip can save +/- 20% with our Hydro Dynamo™ "Booster." That's a savings of $1.00 per gallon or $500 per trip.  Read More